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A.) Moving From Canada to the U.S.A.

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B.) Moving From U.S.A. to Canada

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Our USA Moving service is fairly straightforward and very similar to our service withing Canada. The main difference is that you need to have clearance from USA customs to live in the USA either through work, with a visitor permit or as a returning resident. It is very important that you DO NOT MOVE YOUR BELONGINGS to the USA if you haven’t received permission to live there. If your shipment makes it to the border and you haven’t got permission to bring your goods into the USA your shipment will be brought to the closest bonded warehouse and you will be responsible for all associated fees, including re-delivery costs, on top of your initial moving fee.In all cases, you must cross the border before your goods and report to US Customs officials that there will be personal belongings crossing the border that you will not be accompanying. If you’re using our Same-Day Express Service we ask that you clear your goods at the border with our moving service to speed up the process. This is not required but it will save a great deal of time and with the express service, time is money. Regardless of the situation a 3299 customs form is required if you’d like us to bring your belongings into the USA. Please follow the link below to receive a copy of this form from the USA customs site and print it out. You can also check out the links at the bottom of the page for more info relating to customs, regulations and useful links regarding moving to the USA.

Shipments from the USA to eastern and western Canada go through Toronto and are interlined out of Toronto. Bigger shipments generally move directly to their destination. Customs Clearance rules apply to shipments coming into Toronto. Shipments can be properly cleared in Mississauga. Express shippers can save time and money by traveling behind the movers and clearing their shipment at the border. You do not need to be present when your goods cross the border as the shipment can go into bond when coming into Canada.

The following is information from Canada Customs which states the rules on bringing goods into Canada. Check the bottom of the page for more info on moving to Canada.

Speed River Moving also has the skill and expertise to take care of international moving. We can professionally wrap and secure your shipment in a container and have it sent to almost any port. You can shop around for the best price on a container with the shipping lines and have us take care of packaging and loading or we can arrange everything from the container to packaging, loading and destination services. We do not provide small overseas shipments. The more you have to pack in the container the better.

Moving from Canada to USA or USA to Canada
Moving from Canada to USA – Scroll Down! Info / Links

The following links (in red) and telephone numbers are provided to assist you:

U.S. Customs:


U.S. Dept of Transportation:

(for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance NEF-32)


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

(for information on motor vehicles and US safety emission control standards)

734.214.4200 or 202.564.9660

Canadian Customs:


U.S. Immigration:


Click on the following provincial links:Official Canada Government site:

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