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Senior Moving and or Senior Move Management

Senior Moving – Moving seniors is not always a situation that requires the services of Senior Move Management but it does require a properly trained expert with experience catering to seniors needs. Moving from the old location to the new and packing as required are the basis of most senior moving jobs. Speed River Moving offers seniors a free in home estimate, even if they’re downsizing or moving very little.Senior Move Management is a different process and it’s much more involved. It involves planning, management of the entire move by a CSM and it may require several trips to the seniors residence. On these visits, the CSM will help the senior(s) in making decisions and problem solving. Senior Move Management works with seniors who need help downsizing and who may need help with the sale or auction of items prior to the move. Senior Move Management may also include working with family and the senior in question to deal with issues including hoarding, aphrasia, demensia and general forgetfullness (which may include alzheimers). A senior Move Manager will have more than the basic knowledge required to move and pack. They are experts who are trained to deal with a host of senior problems. Our CSMM (Certified Senior Move Manager) has taken the following courses, along with two counseling courses and a certified moving consultant course.


  • Introduction to Senior Move Management*
  • Almost Home
  • Senior Living Industry (US and Canada)*
  • Memory & Forgettery Part 1: What’s Normal, What’s Not*
  • Memory & Forgettery Part 2: Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease *
  • Working with People with Hearing Loss and Aphasia*
  • Aging in Place
  • Behind Closed Doors; Getting a Handle on Hoarding*



  • Move Management 101*
  • OBT: Office, Books and Technology
  • Bed, Bath, Linens and Beyond
  • The Kitchen: From Soup to Nuts
  • Guiding to Deciding: Helping Clients Downsize*

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