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At Speed River Moving we understand that special care and consideration is needed for each and every move. Our years of experience handling residential and office moves of all types puts us in a great position to take care of your moving situation swiftly and professionally. We know what we’re doing and we’re proud to offer our services to the city of Freelton. Let us make your move as stress free and pleasant as possible.

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Freelton History

Found in Ontario, Canada, Freelton was initially started in 1840. It has indeed grown to a current population of 37,796. Through the years there was sizable improvements in infrastructure, tourism, and also freeways. Freelton is an excellent setting to live in! Freelton features stunning architecture, an amazing shopping area and also lovely play areas that are fantastic.


Freelton has a tremendous range of fine dining. From hearty tavern food to diner to Indian meals to Far east food, Freelton provides the best. If you appreciate 5 Star restaurant experience then there certainly is scores of selections. Having different chic locations you can settle on, certainly the most purely shrewd patron will absolutely be satiated.

Nightlife Entertainment

Whenever you will be aiming for truly superb leisure activities after supper, Freelton has a variety of thrilling alternatives. Your group may visit Freelton’s night clubs, experience the racetrack or maybe see our exciting nightclubs or bars, or enjoy a comedy in the theatre house.


Owing to a lively shopping centre and many exciting malls around Freelton, you cannot be disappointed if per chance going shopping is on your todo list. Throughout the holidays, Freelton’s shopping district will be turned into a beautiful Holiday wonderland almost guaranteed to bundle you all with joy.


Freelton is an outstanding location to live life with a person’s children. With countless amusement parks, children’s pools and also girl guides there certainly is a myriad of summer break merry making. Freelton further contains numerous indoor gyms which can try to keep your energetic young children involved and hopfully entertained through winter months.


Education is really a principal concern in Freelton. Freelton’s passion for schooling is viewed as phenomenal! Because of different fresh new schools perhaps planned for upcoming creation, education superiority definitely will only increase progressively.


Freelton features a bustling main business district. What with a healthy overall economy Freelton is a popular place to immediately kick off your small business. Thanks to amazing financial choices and generous business rebates Freelton truly has developed into a very great spot to just do business.

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