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At Speed River Moving we understand that special care and consideration is needed for each and every move. Our years of experience handling residential and office moves of all types puts us in a great position to take care of your moving situation swiftly and professionally. We know what we’re doing and we’re proud to offer our services to the city of Dundas. Let us make your move as stress free and pleasant as possible.

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The Dundas Area History

Nicely situated in Ontario, Canada, Dundas was started in 1847. It has increased to an estimated size of 24,702. In the past there has been sizable spending in local government, tourism, and roads. Dundas is a great place to be in! Dundas presents lovely construction, a great tourist district and also exquisite water parks which truly are outstanding.

Culinary Delight

Dundas gives you a remarkable variety of restaurant options. From classic pub choices to greasy spoon to Japanese meals to Vietnamese cuisine, Dundas offers them all. If you value the finest dining experience there really are lots of options. Having various elegant options you can choose, surely the most shrewd taste buds will be hapy.

Night Life

Whenever you’ll be searching for fantastic leisure after dinner, Dundas gives you several entertaining choices. You may consider Dundas’s night clubs, indulge in live music or even go to one of our dynamic clubs or bars, or enjoy a favourite in the theatre.


With the bustling shopping centre and various great malls within Dundas, you can’t be discontented if perhaps buying something is on your todo checklist. Over the holiday season, Dundas’s shopping district is always beautified into a fabulous Traditional wonderland just to convey holiday cheer.


Dundas is an excellent location to live life with the family. What with multiple parks, pools and libraries there certainly is a variety of summer time outings. Dundas of course has numerous indoor play grounds which will keep your precious little ones engaged and amused during snowy days.


Education is really a major concern within Dundas. Dundas’s love for academics is second to none! With a few great new educational institutions perhaps due for development, academic caliber will probably increase in time.


Dundas possesses a vibrant central business district. With a strong economic system Dundas is a brilliant region to launch a businesses. With exceptional lender opportunities and generous federal perks Dundas has developed into a great place to manage a business.

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