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At Speed River Moving we understand that special care and consideration is needed for each and every move. Our years of experience handling residential and office moves of all types puts us in a great position to take care of your moving situation swiftly and professionally. We know what we’re doing and we’re proud to offer our services to the city of Brantford. Let us make your move as stress free and pleasant as possible.

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Brantford Background

Proudly located in Ontario, Canada, Brantford was initially started in 1877. It has expanded to an estimated population of 90,192. In recent times there was sizable spending in infrastructure, gardens, and highways. Brantford is an awesome place to live! Brantford possesses attractive engineering, a terrific retail centre along with exquisite recreational areas that are wonderful.

Great Dining

Brantford delivers a delightful choice of cuisine. Featuring mouthwatering pub options to Thai meals to Far east options, Brantford includes all of this. If you require the best restaurants, there certainly are plentiful locations. Having different high end bistros you have your pick, truly the most discriminating taste buds will be delighted.


If you are aiming for outstanding options after dark, Brantford delivers numerous dazzling venues. You may visit Brantford’s clubs, enjoy the racetrack and also visit one of our watering holes, or enjoy a romantic comedy in the movie theatre.


What with the bustling town center and also quite a few shopping malls found in Brantford, you simply can’t be disappointed if buying gifts is on your todo list. Through the holidays, Brantford’s downtown is annually transformed into a breathtaking Yuletide wonderland guaranteed to wrap you all with delight.


Brantford is a great place to enjoy life with your family members. With different leisure areas, children’s pools and also libraries you can find heaps of summer time fun. Brantford also features various indoor gyms to help you keep your energetic young ones occupied and truly having fun all through the snowy days.


Quality of education is a main emphasis in Brantford. Brantford’s level of education and learning is recognized as tremendous! With certain brand new educational institutions due now for production, our schools great quality will continue to increase over time.


Brantford has a dynamic main business section. With a growing financial district Brantford is an ideal location to launch your organization. With exceptional finance programs and diverse government rebates Brantford has really expanded as a desired spot to conduct commerce.

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