A couple of keys to lowering your costs on a tile or stone remodel

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There are a couple keys to lowering your costs on a tile or stone remodel. Jeanie's opinion is that it is worth upgrading to improve the value of your home, but that it is smarter to stay away from difficult areas like bathrooms. Any place where you need to contract extra help like a plumber or electrician is going to raise your costs significantly. Living room or dining room floors are much simpler to work with, and can give amazing results.

A larger scale tile can make a space appear much larger, although you can go as small as 1313s on point. On another note, Jeanie also recommends sticking with neutral colors - tan, brown, or green earthy tones for both the tile and the grout, as well as avoiding any 'grid looks' (strong contrasts between tile and grout). We have a selection of tile on sale at the moment - you can see a list on our Current Specials page.

Mark's advice is to look at ceramic and less expensive porcelain tile, which can range from $.89 to $3 dollars per square foot, but stay away from natural stone, which can easily cost upwards of $6 per square foot. Doing it yourself is definitely something else you will want to look into.

In addition to these sources, any good designer should be able to tell you what you will need in order to complete a job, including underlayment, setting materials, grout, and any sealant. These can vary depending on which tile you get, so be sure to ask when you are purchasing. Tile can also vary in strength and weather-resistance, so keep in mind the location you want to tile when shopping.

I want to give appropriate credit with regard to this posting in part to http://dictation.site. I actually had the idea for this post from something I read up on on their site.

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