Grab a Luxury Apartment in Bandung

There are countless reasons why a prospective apartment buyer would choose Bandung as a city of choice. Whereas the superb weather is often touted as the most favorable aspect of life in Bandung, the city also has highly developed infrastructure and easily accessible social amenities in almost parts of the city. Although the scenic hilly city is much smaller than Jakarta, Bandung is less burdened by the congestion and constant traffic snarl ups which are the norm in Jakarta. Bandung's attractiveness as a place of residence has therefore seen real estate become one the fastest growing sectors in the city and western Java province.

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Residents who own luxury apartments in Bandung city enjoy greater convenience as the commute to and from their places of work are faster, cheaper and generally more comfy when compared with other Indonesian cities. The public commuter service in Bandung is one of the best developed transport systems in the whole of Indonesia. Whether by the popular and cheap Angkot minibuses or Taxi, getting to and from your luxury apartment in Bandung city will not be a hassle. If you choose to purchase your pre-launch apartment in the western part of the city, getting to and from there by bus is easy through the Leuwipanjang bus terminus whereas residents in the eastern part of the city are served from the Cicaheum terminus. Both facilities are located strategically close to major existing and upcoming luxury apartment blocks in Bandung. It is therefore little wonder that all the high quality yet affordable apartment blocks popping up in the city are quickly gobbled up by locals and expats wishing to buy a home.

The cost of owning your luxury apartment in Bandung city is amazingly affordable compared to other less attractive cities in Indonesia. The princely prices similar developments are attracting in upmarket Jakarta make Bandung city an excellent proposition for a new apartment owner. Research after research has consistently shown that whether for personal use or as a rental investment, Bandung remains one of the best places to purchase an apartment in Indonesia.

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