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Why does the process of buying a new home have to be such a pain in my rear??! We have been looking for housing for several months, and since this is our first time I did get a little excited premature and looked before we actually got approvedwhich was a big waste of time. BUTnow that we have been approved we put in an offer on a first house- and that fell through. So our planned moved date (which was supposed to be this Friday), got crushed!

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So we searched again and my husband and I can't come to an agreement on something we both like. We finally agreed on something that we both thought had potential, come to find out there was already an accepted offer they just forgot to update the MLS. So the search continued

Today, we went and looked at 8 houses I think, and it was tiring! We went all over town and it took 3 hours to finally see it all. We didn't go into the very last housethe outside said enough. We also had both made up our minds that the second to last house will hopefully be called home. It was the first house that we both walked into and before convincing each other said it was our favorite so far. The first time we have agreed! SO, the process starts againhopefully a third times a charm and we will have a place to call home!

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