Checklist: Essential Moving Day Supplies

No matter how far moving day takes you, one goal remains constant: keeping your belongings safe. From moving supplies to self storage units, Abacus Self Storage has everything you'll need to make moving day a resounding success. Here are some of the essential packing supplies we have available:

    • Boxes. We offer boxes in all sizes to help you prepare for moving day. It is important to pack items in the right sized boxes to prevent damage, and transporting items can be stressful without the right tools at your disposal. By offering various sized boxes, we help ensure that you're using all of your space efficiently. We also carry TV boxes, which are designed specifically for televisions of different sizes.

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    • Wrapping material. While various sized boxes will hold all your belongings, many belongings are too fragile to pack without additional protection. Old newspaper can be good for wrapping some items, but there are better options to keep your breakable items safe. Bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and packing peanuts can be used to keep your most precious and valuable belongings safe throughout the duration of your journey.


    • Packing tape. When you're transporting large quantities of boxes, it is important to keep them securely shut using packing tape. By placing packing tape on the bottom and top of every box you pack, you can make sure that nothing gets loose or damaged along the way.


    • Moving blankets. The biggest objects you'll be moving are likely to be your appliances and furniture. While bubble wrap and wrapping paper work brilliantly for smaller items, these larger items require different padding. Moving blankets are designed to keep couches, appliances, and a range of larger objects out of harm's way on moving day


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